France 1: The game’s afoot, Paspartout!

Stayed at the White Cliffs Hotel in a small village up on the cliffs outside Dover
, called St Margaret at Cliffe. The name sounded cheesy, but the web site looked good, so I thought it would do for the first night away before the early morning ferry ride to Dunkerque.

The bed, and the bedroom floor were the squeakiest I’ve ever stayed in, but the duvet was large, fluffy and so so warm, and the food was terrific. People obviously go there for the food, and I suspect the journey they make is well worth it (it certainly was for us, but then we only had to come downstairs). I forget what I had now, but I remember that I liked it. We managed a good amount of people watching (there would be another six weeks to come of that, but more about that later), and drank a good wine or two, then retired to the Squeak Suite. Well, a busy six weeks lay ahead…

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