France 3: Up the Ox and Bucks!


Another (for me) trip to Pegasus Bridge at Bénouville, and I found it to be still as moving as when I first went in ’04. The museum now has a relief map and a 10min film which together show the gliders’ flight path in and the subsequent battle (probably now referred to as a ‘contact’ in modern parlance). After the museum, we took lunch at the Café Gondrée, which now belongs to the daughter, Arlette, and her English husband. The café, and the Gondrée family, who were hiding in the basement at the time, was the very first piece of France to be liberated at 30 minutes past midnight on the morning of June 6th 1944. Read the account at the link above, or on Wikipedia, it’s real Boys’ Own stuff.

Btw – avoid – it’s really not what you think it might be! Oh dear, stirred your interest, have I? You’ll be sorry…

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