Michael Jackson died. So this is how it’s been in the office today…

What’s the difference between Michael Jackson & Sir Alex Ferguson? Sir Alex will be playing Giggs this summer!

Problem with his heart you say? Yeah – he couldn’t beat it…

I heard it was a hereditary condition, something to do with the Billy gene?

Michael Jackson didn’t die of a heart attack, he was on the children’s ward having a stroke…

Maybe we should blame it on the boogie!

We heard, as he’s so full of plastic, he was going to be melted down and made into toys, so that children could now play with him, instead of the other way round.

Apparently the police found class A drugs in the bathroom, and class 4B in the bedroom…

No one really knows his “Time of Death” but reports are coming in that the Big hand was on the little hand…

To (mis)quote the great DunGeekin:
“I didn’t like the man, and for me the gravity of the allegations against him outweighed even the greatness of his back catalogue. But his music was something special, and my sympathies go to his family. But don’t expect people not to take the piss, though…”

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