Spotify – you corruptable fascist bully-boys!

Now, let me start by saying that I’m a fan of Spotify – it lets me listen to music that I’m not interested in buying (I didn’t download it, I didn’t breach anyone’s copyright). Like radio, but I’m in charge (haha! – take that, Moyles, you gibbering TWUNT).

I haven’t used it (the Spotify “it”, that is) in a couple of weeks, but all of a sudden I’m being played an advert for (from? what’s most correct here? anyone?) British Gas. And, Mr Spall – you’re a fucking sellout too, whilst we’re on the subject (but that may be cause for a separate rant, at another time – perhaps in ten minutes time, unless my tea’s ready by then!).

Where was I? Oh yes… I was a fan of Spotify – right up until I was FORCED to listen to said advert! Here’s my point, as succinct as I can manage with a large Black Russian in me (oh god, did that really come out like that?!) –

Hasn’t the ‘net worked out that, as we’re ALREADY PAYING for ‘net access, we don’t want to PAY AGAIN…?? We channel hop when the commercials play on the TV (or go get another beer, or “something less boring instead” for those that can remember that far back!), so what makes you think we want to put up with internet adverts (after all, that’s what Firefox plug-ins are for)? Their answer? Subscribe to the “premium” service (premium? what are you adding in order to call it that?) for £10 a month – barely less than the TV licence – and I get a shit load more channels than … er, ONE, for that.

Nope – I’m done – they can get bent.

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