Swindon Royal Mail – You Suck at Delivering Mail

About ten minutes ago, I was sat at my desk, as I am now (though previously in a better mood), and heard the mail come through the letter box. Oh goody, I thought, I’ll get that when I’m finished here. What did I find amongst the junk mail – oh yes, THAT made it through alright? Yet another little red “I couldn’t be arsed to ring your doorbell” card. So, I went on-line to rant via their Customer Service form:

I am utterly fed up with the complete inability of the Royal Mail’s delivery people to use the bloody doorbell! Every time there’s something that’s too big for the letter box (or that can’t be CRAMMED through, despite the package being covered in “FRAGILE” stickers), I get a “could not deliver” card. Each time, the doorbell never rang! If you’re not even going to TRY to attract my attention, and the package is too big for a letter box, then might I suggest you don’t even bring it!!! Here’s an idea – have a slot at the sorting office that’s letter box size. Test it. If the package won’t fit, then put it in a big pile for someone to create a mailing list (or we could subscribe via email so we can come and COLLECT it), and then the postman can simply deliver a thousand cards – much easier than just ring a bloody doorbell (or just simply chuck it away – god forbid you should actually DELIVER anything).

And one more thing – stop littering! We all know it’s your red rubber bands all over the streets, so don’t try to deny it.

I know – what do I expect? This is Swindon, after all.

But is it any different in other places? Is it the same? I’d be interested to hear (not really – this is a rant, after all).


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