Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 is slow to start/execute under Windows 7 64-bit – fix

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 is slow to start and/or slow to execute under Windows 7 64-bit.

There are two parts to this – Slow to Start, and Slow to Execute.

Firstly, the solution for Slow to Start.
This could be an issue if your PC is not connected to the internet, or your internet connection is a little ‘iffy’.

Under Internet Properties, Advanced, scroll down to the Security section. Uncheck the box next to “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation”. This prevents the application from going online to in order to check certificate.

Alternatively, paste the following into your HOSTS file:
# entry to get around diabolical Microsoft certificate checks
# which slow down non internet connected computers

The solution for Slow to Execute is in 2 parts:

1. Right click the management studio icon, and change it to run in windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.
2. Now, it seems that there’s a bug in the management studio, that won’t use XP SP3 Compatibility properly/fully. In order to get it to function, you need to bump UAC one level/notch up. Bummer.

Save the change, and reboot. Sorted.

Update – 08/06/11: I have since stopped running this in compatibility mode, and set my UAC to “Never Notify” (although I’ve kept the run as admin option), and the speed issue seems to have ‘gone away’. Bizarre? Certainly.

Outlook Notes Not Syncing to iPhone (fix)

This happened to me today – a new note I created on my iPhone would no longer turn up in Outlook after a sync via iTunes (PC/laptop based). It seems to have been an issue after upgrading the iPhone OS to v4 (at least I certainly didn’t have the problem before I updated the iPhone version – but then the last time I created a new note directly on the iPhone (as opposed to editing) was pre-v4, so it could have been coincidental. Still, moving onward…).

I searched for a solution on the web, but couldn’t find anything much beyond the usual “un-tick and tick again” suggestions. Not much help so far (so normal when it comes to trying to find how-to data and help from Apple, still…).

THEN, I noticed that Notes on the iPhone has “accounts” – i.e. go into the Notes app and tap “Accounts” – and I saw 3 separate Notes lists: All Notes, From my PC, and myemailaddress. We’ll ignore the last, because there’s nothing in there.

To cut a long solution short… if you create a new note under All Notes, it doesn’t seem to sync with Outlook via iTunes; BUT if you tap on (i.e. use) From My PC, any notes you create in there will now sync with Outlook (and vice versa). Fixed!

Incidentally, you will see the new note(s) under All Notes, but basically I’m not going in there again if I want it all to keep working.

Win7 Free Upgrade? – it’s a money-grabbing SCAM, is what it is…

… well, ok, so “scam” may be a bit harsh, but here’s the thing. If you buy an eligible PC/Laptop between June 2009 and March 2010, with Vista on it, you’re entitled to a free upgrade to Win7. Go check it out. I’ll wait… OK, so you saw that, and we’ve established a fact. Good. Now try and get it … get it “free”, that is. I bought a Compaq laptop a couple of weeks ago, and over the last few days I’ve ended up in a bit of a flame-war with HP (they own Compaq) Customer Service over their £21.99 charge for the “free” upgrade. Yep – £21.99! It’s a DVD data disc, no doubt with some fluffy paperwork telling you how you’ve just upgraded to a cool OS (i.e. this one might just actually work properly), but even so… I emailed them and asked how they justified charging £21.99 for something that is advertised everywhere as free.

Now, I understand that they are perfectly entitled to cover costs of shipping/handling – no problem, I’m comfortable with that, so I asked how come it cost this much to ship a DVD. They said that it comes directly from Microsoft in America (what – they couldn’t burn a few thousand DVDs here in the UK?) via a “third party” (er, that would be the postal system). I went to the Royal Mail web site just to see how much it would cost to go the other way… In order to actually spend £21.99 sending something to the US, it would be the size of a small stack of glossy magazines, and weigh over a kilo. Oh, and I get insurance (£500) with that, too, along with a “sign-for” service. To anywhere in the US.

When you consider how many DVDs will ship, and how many instances of £21.99 that equates to, this is nothing short of profiteering. Now, I know some of you will be thinking “£21.99 for an OS? – Hey, that’s pretty good value”, and you’d be right to think that – I think that. I will, of course, shell out the bloody £21.99, but what sticks in my craw is the fact that it’s being touted all over the tinterweb as a free upgrade. It’s not, and this needs shouting from the rooftops (or at least in my kitchen, at my girlfriend, or anyone else who’ll stick around for me long enough to rant at them).

Firefox Windows Authentication

To enable windows authentication on your domain.
1. Open Firefox
2. Navigate to the url about:config
3. Locate the following preference names and put as the value the comma separated values of the address roots.
Your value should look something like this: localhost,server1,server2,serverX

Thanks to Eric Wise for the original post …