All is Jam on the Jihadi Front

Cool – looks like I got my Jam, and the Dexter DVD got its freedom (all together now: “Freee-dumm!”). Well, I say “got”, but I haven’t actually posted anything (I mean the terrorists haven’t ACTUALLY released anyone/thing), and it’s not the jam that was demanded that’s being shipped out. Still, it looks like “the chef” will finally have his Serial Killer as Good Guy viewing urges sated. Though I’m not sure the same will be said of Paspartout with her near-narcotic jam dependency.

Ah well – what is it they say about the taking of part? Oh yeah – IT SUCKS TO NOT WIN !! I remember…


Dexter for Jam

A friend of mine, ‘the chef’, makes excellent Cherry and Vanilla jam, but wants to watch my copy of season 4 of Dexter. I don’t know what happened – it looks like someone got hold of the DVD and is holding out for jam by way of a ransom. Probably Jihadies…