Such a Disappointment for a Young Boy

I had a very interesting few hours the other day. I was watching David Lee Roth rehearse for an upcoming tour, and really enjoying the action – the man still knows how to throw himself around in that rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse style we’ve all come to know, and even spent time on a gantry some thirty feet in the air. The high kicks are still there, along with the wristbands, that Burt Lancaster grin, and the infectious idea that EVERYTHING is AWESOME! What can I say – he takes my breath away (in a purely non-homoerotic sense, you understand… I think).

Afterwards, we sipped cappuccinos and communed. Here’s a little secret for you that came totally out of the blue – it turns out he’s afraid of heights! As well as career highlights and lowlights, we talked about much of the usual things two grown men sipping cappuccino discuss – life, love and regrets – and a recent interview he did for Rolling Stone, in which he lamented the loss of probing journalism. I have to confess that it was all pretty epic.

We finished our chat, and he got up to leave. I noticed he’d left a scarf on the table, and as I bent down to pick it up and was busy tormenting myself with the idea that I might want to keep it, I only went and woke up!

The heartfelt disappointment set the tone for the entire day…